About Author

Balvinder Singh

Welcome to my website where I share resources and notes related to IBDP Maths HL/SL. I have presented Maths HL in a simpler way with an emphasis on the basic concepts to attract more students to learn IBDP Math HL. Maths is a religion for me and I strongly believe that more and more people should study Maths as it makes us more rational. Maths gives us the ability to think clearly beyond boundaries and we can achieve our goals in life just like a guided missile is able to hit the targets which are far and beyond reach. I have been successful in spreading the love for Maths as more students join my classes in successive years studying Math HL and that encouraged me to develop this website.

I’m a passionate teacher of Mathematics with a wealth of experience both in Mathematics as well as in international schools. I have experience in both the Cambridge and IB programmes and the SL and HL courses of Mathematics. I have worked in schools in India, Egypt, Singapore, Bandung, China, Bali and currently working at an international school in Jakarta (Indonesia) . I have worked a number of years in the IB Programme and has experiences with EEs in Mathematics as well as the CAS programme. I possess a Bachelor degree in the Mathematics and Science fields as well as two Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Education.

I also organise personalized educational trips/ institutional trips/service trips(especially for CAS) to Northern part of India & Indonesia for students/individuals across the globe through my organization ibalasia. You can read more about these trips in the section – ibalasia on this website. Please feel free to contact me in case you have any queries.